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Lord Fin Tube--Heat pipe fin tube heater

Heat pipe type heater is defined by a plurality of heat pipe fin tube heater, connected to the form of the unit, that is, the first row of connecting the second row, second row third row...... Until the last row of tubes. The number of heat pipe line is not characterized by the number of tubes, but the number of rows per row is consistent, such as the number of first rows of 20, then the number of tubes should also be 20, to ensure that the total stroke is equal, so that the flow through the inlet flange of the first row of heat pipe, the pressure, including the pressure loss are the same, there is no pressure difference, there is no short circuit phenomenon. Short circuit phenomenon is that the pressure caused by the difference in the flow of the tube, the flow velocity of different lead to different heat transfer effect.

Radiating exhaust pipe connection in the form of the U-shaped elbow structure, including medium inlet flange, total inlet pipe, finned tube bundle, a tube, a medium outlet flange, a U-shaped elbow, orifice, siding components. Medium from the inlet flange into by total distribution pipe to the surface of the first row of finned tube bank, by U-shaped elbow is connected with the guide of the second row, first branch in the first row, corresponds to the second row of the first branch; the first row of the second branch of the, corresponds to the second row of the second; and so on, until each tube side uniform distribution. Finally, the total output of the pipe, the flow of the media outlet flange.

Cooling tube is suitable for cooling fluid cooling air, and also suitable for high temperature hot fluid heating air, in order to connect to the unit of the connection can make the fluid flow more uniform. Cross connect in design, with the most reasonable in the right triangle. Air in the back row after the resistance, in the role of the anti thrust of the fin tube in the 360 degree direction without heat exchange, greatly improving the efficiency of heat transfer.

Radiating exhaust pipe connection between the pipes of other features of a, because the exhaust pipe with a U-shaped elbow, not welded and orifice plate fin tube, in heat expansion and cold contraction should be the occasion of big capacity, not because of the force and crack phenomenon, in the heat conducting oil heating air, scattered hot exhaust pipe type heater has a very superior structural performance.