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Lord Fin Tube--HFW spiral finned tube

Spiral finned tube

High-frequency welding finned tubes made against disadvantage of Strings and wound fin type heat sink and improve it by use of a high-frequency welding. Finned tube efficient cooling element, finned tube itself is the thickness of 0.8 -1mm strip wound on the finned tube, while using high-frequency welding process, the chip-weld on the pipe, to ensure that the combined strength of the tube with fins, the metal heat intensity reached 1.10 ~ 1.20w / kg ℃ economizer the finned tubes are widely used in boilers, air preheater production and factories, residential energy radiator production, and around the chip of choice as a heat pipe late.

Spiral finned tube is a highly efficient heat transfer components. Its heat transfer area of the light pipe several times or can be enhanced heat transfer and reduce flow resistance and reduce metal consumption, thereby improving the economy and operational reliability of heat transfer equipment. Currently, the finned tube has been widely used in a variety of boilers.