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Lord Fin Tube--How to choose finned tube

Finned tube material determines the finned tube heat dissipation level, using what kind of material finned tube in your home? The most recent period can be described as news constantly, this is not our familiar Huo Jianhua with Lin Xinruo on the good, and that day is just May 20, can really be said to be a good day, and married a lot, then the marriage room wings You want to choose what kind of material finned tube?
First of all we have to know now on the market finned tube material which? Which are the most popular ones?
Finned tube material is divided into cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum, aluminum, copper finned tube, and one of the most popular is the steel finned tube and copper-aluminum composite finned tube.
Which of the two materials of the fin tube we should choose which one material? From two aspects for everyone to classify two finned tube suitable housing.
1. Central heating selection of steel finned tube
Now a lot of district are to take the way of central heating, then why do you choose the central heating iron finned tube? Steel finned tube compressive capacity is relatively strong, water storage capacity, heat dissipation effect is good, strong insulation, cost-effective. But because the steel can not be anti-corrosion, in the purchase should pay attention to internal corrosion, in order to ensure smooth circulation, but also should choose large waterway products.
2. Independent heating selection of copper-aluminum composite finned tube
Why do users choose copper-aluminum composite finned tubes? Copper-aluminum composite finned tube is hot and fast cold, can reduce the familys heating resources waste, and copper-aluminum composite finned tube corrosion resistance, suitable for independent heating of various water quality.
Ready to renovate the new house of friends may wish to from the steel finned tube and copper and aluminum composite finned tube of the two selected one, value for money!

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