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Lord Fin Tube--Immersed serpentuator heat exchanger

Introduction of immersed serpentuator heat exchanger

Serpentuator as cell part in immersed serpentuator heat exchanger, recuperative heat exchanger is one of the dividing wall type heat exchanger. This is an old type heat exchange equipment. Its structure is simple, easy to manufacture, installation, cleaning and maintenance convenient, low price, and is particularly suitable for the high pressure fluid cooling, condensation, so modern still widely used. But the large volume and heavy weight of the snake tube heat exchanger, the heat transfer efficiency is low, and the heat transfer area of the unit is high. According to the different cooling modes of the tube, the snake tube heat exchanger is divided into immersion type and spray type.

2. Immersed serpentuator heat exchanger structure

The heat exchanger is made of a metal tube, or made of a variety of conditions suitable for the container and immersed in the liquid in the container.

3. Immersed serpentuator heat exchanger

Simple structure, easy to corrosion, can withstand high pressure.

4. The disadvantages of immersed serpentuator heat exchanger

Because the container volume is much larger than the tube, the surface heat transfer coefficient of the tube is small. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient, the tank can be installed in the mixer.