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Lord Fin Tube--Waste heat recovery (gas - gas)

Waste heat recovery (gas - gas)

Heat pipe waste heat recovery device is oil, coal and gas boiler equipment, installed in the boiler smoke and flue, flue gas waste heat recovery heating air, hot air can be used as boiler combustion of dry materials. Its structure as shown in the picture: four weeks of the tube box, the middle partition will be separated from the two sides of the channel, the heat pipe for the full finned tube, Dan Genre tube can be replaced. At work, the high temperature flue gas flow from the left side of the channel to the upward flow of the heat pipe, at this time, the heat pipe heat pipe, heat gas temperature drop. Heat pipe will absorb the heat caused by the right side, cold air from the right side of the channel down the heat pipe, the heat pipe heat, air temperature. The flue gas temperature of the waste heat recovery unit is not lower than the dew point.