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Lord Fin Tube--Bare Tube water wall and Membrane Wall

membrane type water cooling wall

Bare tube type water cooling wall
Composition of boiler tubes by general. The better the tube arrangement, the better the protection effect of the furnace wall. The furnace wall is widely used in light refractory and heat preservation material. These materials can be built into a furnace wall, and can be laid on the wall of the water wall to become a pipe type furnace wall for installation. Small capacity, medium and low pressure boiler more than the light tube type water cooling wall.

Membrane water cooling wall

The fin tube (or flat steel and bare pipe) mutual welding together the whole tube. It has the advantages of good air tightness; the outer side of the tube is only required to apply to a thin insulation material, the furnace temperature and furnace temperature is not direct contact with the furnace wall, is conducive to the prevention of the slag; tube screen can be fabricated in a piece of prefabricated, easy to install. Large capacity, high temperature and high pressure boiler uses membrane type water cooling wall
Pin type water wall tube is also called thorn type water wall. It is in accordance with the requirements of the round steel tube is welded on the surface of the light of a certain length, the pin can be firmly installed in the refractory coating on the water wall, used as a refractory belt, liquid slag slag and slag pool, and cyclone furnace cyclone. The inner screw tube water wall is a pipe in the inner wall of a single head or a long spiral groove. The water cooling wall pipe section with high heat load area or high vaporization rate of natural circulation boiler used in the boiler and sub critical parameters of the inner screw tube. When the working fluid inside the screw pipe flow, a strong disturbance, so that the water pressure to the tube wall, and forced the bubble away from the wall is taken away by the water, thereby destroying the formation of the steam film, to prevent the occurrence of boiling heat transfer deterioration, so that the wall temperature of the water wall tube. Double exposed water cooling wall refers to the water cooling wall which is arranged in the furnace space to absorb radiant heat. Used in large capacity boiler. Water cold wall material
General use of carbon steel. When the boiler pressure is 14 MPa or more, there is a part of the alloy steel. Pipe outside diameter: natural circulation boiler is generally used 51 ~ 83 mm; many times forced circulation boiler and boiler generally use 22 ~ 60 mm. The water cooling wall of a direct current boiler is not so sure that it must be an upright type of natural circulation boiler, or it can be horizontal or other forms. Parameters are high, especially in the DC boiler, in order to prevent heat transfer in the furnace heat load area to prevent the deterioration of heat transfer, often used in the internal thread tube or installed in the tube
Advantages of membrane type water cooling wall
(L) to ensure the sealing of the furnace wall, reducing combustion chamber leakage.
(2) to achieve full water cooling in the combustion chamber, combustion conditions to prevent coking.
(3) the heat storage capacity is small, the combustion chamber is heating up fast, cooling can be quickly, can shorten the boiler start and stop the cooling time.
(4) suitable for the use of the wall, thereby greatly reducing the boiler frame load, easy to hang.
(5) the heat absorption capacity of the tube is improved compared with the light tube.

(6) improve the pre assembly of the boiler parts, convenient and reduce the workload of the installation.