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Lord Fin Tube--How many types of power plant boiler

How many several types of power plant boiler?

  1, according to the condition of the boiler flue gas flow point: water-tube boiler, shell boiler (fire tube boiler), combined fire tube boiler

  2, according to the drum placed points: vertical boilers, horizontal boiler

  3, according to zoning: life boilers, industrial boilers, utility boilers

  4, according to media stars: steam boilers, hot water boilers, soft drinks dual boiler, organic heat carrier boiler

  5, according to the installation point: quick boiler, boiler assembly, boiler bulk

  6. Press Fuels: coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, gas boilers, waste heat boilers, electric heating boilers, biomass boilers

  7, according to the water cycle divided: natural circulation, forced circulation, combined cycle

  8, according to the pressure point: pressure boilers, low pressure boilers, medium pressure boiler, high pressure boiler, high pressure boiler

  9, according to the number of boilers points: single drum boiler, double drum boilers

  10, set by combustion inside the boiler or in the outer parts: internal combustion boiler, external combustion boilers

  11, according to the working fluid in the flow of the evaporation system can be divided into natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boilers, DC boilers.

  12, according to the manufacturer level classification: A grade, B grade, C grade, D-class, E-class (by pressure boiler manufacturing division)