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Lord Fin Tube-Processing of HH finned tube

Processing of HH finned tube.

HH-type fins are punched and formed. The fins are manually placed in the fin automatic unloading bin. The feeding cylinder realizes automatic unloading. At the same time, the steel pipe is transported to the welding position, and the horizontal pushing cylinder pushes the electrode clamping mechanism to realize automatic welding. . The electrode clamping mechanism is a key part of the welding machine, and the electrodes on both sides are equipped with material receiving and pneumatic positioning mechanisms. The fins are automatically moved into the welding position by the pushing cylinder to drive it centripetally, and the welding is clamped to realize the welding of the fins and the steel pipe on both sides. After the welding is completed, the clamping is loosened, the fin tube is manually removed, and the steel tube moves forward. The parallel automatic welding of steel pipe and fin can meet the quality and efficiency requirements of fin tube welding.
HH finned tubeHH-type finned tube is an enhanced heat exchange element arranged at the tail of the system flue in order to recover the waste heat of exhaust gas from power station boilers, industrial boilers, industrial kilns, ship power plants, etc., and effectively improve fuel utilization.
In the structural design of the double H-shaped finned tube, a separate structure is adopted for the dust-forming part of the tube, which overcomes the shortcomings of easy dust accumulation, dust blocking and gas resistance of the spiral fin tube. It is an improved type of the spiral fin tube. product. In addition, the fins of the fin tube are in a cantilever beam structure. Under the action of the pulsed air flow, the vibration of the fins is more beneficial to the ash removal process.
Double H-shaped finned tube, on the one hand, the extended heating surface can increase the heat transfer coefficient; on the other hand, the extended heating surface unit has a self-cleaning function, which can slow down the deposition, blockage and abrasion of smoke and dust on the heating surface, especially Reducing wear can ensure a reasonable service life of the heating surface, which is the basis for the safe and economic operation of waste heat boilers.