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Lord Fin Tube--Separate type heat pipe heat exchanger

Separate type heat pipe heat exchanger

Separate type heat pipe heat exchanger is a new type of heat transfer equipment by the evolution of heat pipe heat exchanger, can be respectively arranged in hot blast furnace flue gas pipeline, and air pipe.

Separate type heat pipe heat exchanger workflow

When the hot blast furnace flue gas through the gas heat exchanger, the working fluid in the tube to absorb the heat of the flue gas, resulting in the steam to the upper part of the flue gas heat exchanger, the steam pipe is sent to the air and gas heat exchanger, steam condensation heat of vaporization of the tube outside the fluid (air or gas) heating. The working fluid after the condensation together in the lower part of the heat exchanger, backflow through the catheter to flow back to the flue gas heat exchanger to evaporate in the head under the action of. Such repeated cycles, the completion of the heat from the hot end to the cold end of the transmission.


The separated type heat pipe heat exchanger is composed of a number of high frequency finned tubes, welded to each other independently of each other. It has good thermal conductivity, cold, hot end corresponding to the tube bundle through the steam pipe and return pipe connection, constitute a separate closed pipe system.


1, heating box (gas heat exchanger) and cooling box (gas heat exchanger and air heat exchanger) can be independent of each other, and to effectively meet the convergence, gas source separation, to achieve remote heat transfer, easy on-site flexible layout;

2, the working medium circulation is to rely on the reflux potential difference and gravity, without external power, no mechanical moving parts, no seals and wear, thereby increasing the reliability of the equipment, but also greatly reduce the operating cost;

3, the heating box and the cooling box are independent of each other, easy to achieve fluid separation seal, it can be applied to flammable, explosive and other dangerous fluid heat transfer, and can also achieve a fluid and a variety of fluids at the same time heat transfer;

4, the heat transfer and the heat transfer of the heat exchanger can choose different structure parameters and materials according to the performance of cold and hot fluid, so as to effectively solve the dew point corrosion and ash accumulation.

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