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Lord Fin Tube--Spiral Wound Cylindrical Heat Exchanger

Spiral Wound Cylindrical Heat Exchange

Spiral Wound Cylindrical Heat Exchange

We intricate Spiral Wound Cylindrical Heat Exchange Device was developed by the hard work with the assistance of procedures and equipment.
Our Product covers Helical Coil Tube Type Heat Exchanger with detachable tubes and shells, fixed tube plates, plug-in spiral baffle plates
     The consistent length of the heat exchanging cylinders and the precise core and interlayer spacing make the medium have a strong turbulent effect when flowing through the shell and tube, which greatly improves the efficiency of heat transfer. The heat transfer ability is 3-7 times greater than the conventional heat exchanger, and the maximum heat transfer coefficient can reach 14000W/㎡℃.  Additionally, the scaling tendency is lower and has a lower probability of impurity deposition. The spiral wound cylindrical structure completely eliminates the pull-off force between the heat transfer tubes and the tube plates, greatly extending the product’s lifespan. For an equivalent heat exchange, its around 1/10 of the size of a conventional one, saving valuable space.
    The outstanding quality of the Spiral Wound Cylindrical Heat-Exchange Device is due to the advanced technology and equipment, phenomenal inspection and detection system, and the down-to-earth staff. With a higher cost-performance ratio compared with the conventional heat exchange devices under identical conditions, the investment for the heat exchanger is worth the minor difference compared with that for other alternatives. However, it will lead to substantial reductions in operational costs.

At present, most production enterprises are faced with energy saving and environmental protection of the double pressure. Based on industry characteristics, Hammer Group developed a spiral wound tube array heat exchanger for the characteristics of gas emissions and treatment.
Spiral wound tube array heat exchanger is mainly used in the flue gas waste heat recovery, vacuum system exhaust recovery, large flow of gas heating or heat recovery, coal mine air cooling dehumidification and other technological points, has the following characteristics:
1, using a unique spiral wound tube array tube bundle structure, tube bundle arrangement is reasonable and uniform distribution, high heat transfer efficiency;
2, shell side circulation area, flow resistance is small, especially suitable for high flow, low pressure drop requirements conditions;
3, reasonable distribution of the tube bundle so that the uniform distribution of shell gas and produce a stronger turbulence effect, to avoid the heat transfer dead ends, greatly reducing the tendency of dust settling, delay deposition time;
4, compared to the traditional heat exchanger, light weight, fast installation, easy maintenance later.

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