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Lord Fin Tube--Heat exchanger with a new type of stainless steel

Heat exchanger with a new type of stainless steel research and development success
Heat exchanger with a new type of stainless steel research and development success
Key words: stainless steel; pressure vessel

Recently, Chinas first 112 heat exchangers from Shanghai Tonghua Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel Engineering Co., Ltd. shipped to Shanghai International Financial Center to provide hot water supply system installation. The heat exchanger components of all the new R & D success of the new high-grade stainless steel production. This is the first batch of applications for such products in domestic domestic hot water supply systems.

Shanghai International Finance Center is one of the top ten projects of Lujiazui Finance City during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. It is the second domestic securities trading operation center integrating securities transactions, financial futures trading and securities settlement. The center of the architectural design by the internationally renowned Murphy? Yang design company led by more than 10 domestic and foreign consultants team co-completed, designed to fully reflect the "science and technology, intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving, comfort," the overall design concept of modern Integrated financial office complex.

Stainless steel heat exchanger because of its anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling performance and heat transfer effect, long life, safety and health characteristics, widely used in environmental protection, food, medicine, chemistry, heating, domestic water, air conditioning Backwater and other fields.

As a key link in the international hot water supply system of Shanghai international financial center, the performance and quality requirements of stainless steel heat exchangers are extremely strict. In September this year, to adapt to the Shanghai International Financial Center new design concept requirements, TISCO and Shanghai Tonghua stainless steel pressure vessel Engineering Co., Ltd. reached a new material R & D production cooperation intention. After a short period of more than two months of collaborative research, TISCO R & D team in the material manufacturing, molding, welding and a series of key technological breakthroughs in the domestic first to successfully develop new heat exchangers with stainless steel, to achieve the traditional nickel stainless steel Material upgrading. Compared with the traditional materials, TISCO heat exchanger with a new type of stainless steel strength is higher, better impact resistance and shock resistance, higher thermal conductivity, longer life cycle, at the same time, because it does not contain expensive nickel metal, cost more High, is a typical green product. New materials used by the processing enterprises, product performance, stable and reliable quality, praised by customers, as TISCO to promote the structure of innovative varieties of optimization and upgrading, to help Chinas high-end manufacturing another successful example.

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