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Lord Fin Tube--An overview of the structure of titanium plate heat exchanger

An overview of the structure of titanium plate heat exchanger
Titanium plate heat exchanger is consists of a series with a corrugated shape of sheet metal stack loaded into a new, for a variety of plate heat exchanger between formation of thin rectangular channels, through the process of half a piece of heat exchange it compared with conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, under the same flow resistance force and pump power consumption and the heat transfer coefficient to much higher, in the appropriate scale have instead of shell and tube heat exchanger of the trend. Titanium plate heat exchanger, heat exchange device industry board piece of common materials are mainly austenitic stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy cold rolled sheet of industrial pure titanium 127 for plate heat exchanger, industrial pure titanium 276 and Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni345 for plate heat exchanger tube type heat exchanger with TA1 titanium plate build, compared to calandria heat exchanger has a lot of advantages, in the market has a strong competitive edge, mainly used in chemical, petroleum, ship and seawater desalination heat exchange system.
The mainly the following unique features in the design of titanium plate heat exchanger:
(1) high efficiency and energy saving: the heat transfer coefficient of the heat transfer coefficient is 4500 ~ 3000 kcal/m2? H, and the thermal efficiency of the tube shell heat exchanger is 3~5 times higher.
(2) compact: plate heat exchanger plate precise alignment, compared with other types of heat exchanger, plate titanium frame with what characteristics for heat exchanger covers an area and occupies less space, the same for the area of the heat exchanger is only 1 / 5 of the heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger.
(3) easy to clean and convenient assembly and disassembly: plate heat exchanger by clamping bolt clamping solid plate clamping piece, so convenient disassembly, any time can open the cleaning, at the same time, because of surface finish, turbulent deep, not easy scaling.
(4) on liquid and plate heat exchanger sealing groove set to vent fluid passage, a variety of media will not be complicit, even emerge leaking medium is discharged outwards.
(5) application of long life: plate heat exchanger to suppress the use of stainless steel or titanium alloy plate, may be resistant to various corrosive media, the pad can be Xpress change, and convenient disassembly and maintenance.
(6) adaptability: plate heat exchanger for independent components, according to Xpress or process requirements, in various forms; can be used in a variety of different process requirements.
And in the middle of the situation, -240.00 (holes in the periphery of the corrugated sheet made of titanium heat exchanger basic structure: titanium plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of a frame and titanium plate 2 mostly constitute plate is put by a variety of materials with a variety of different forms of production model pressure forming like severally, and in plate 4 angle with angle hole for medium flow channel plate and angle for rubber 9515. - 2.46%) gasket sealing frame is composed of a fixed clamping plate, a pressing plate, a guide rod and the clamping bolt is composed of plate heat exchanger is the plate in a superimposed on a fixed pressing plate, a pressing plate and clamping bolt clamping.
The MSF unit is the largest production volume, focus for 36000t/d, installed in Italy titanium plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat transfer equipment, compact structure, low temperature sterilization for the 1880s first as a continuous development of success, to the beginning of 1920s in the food industry because there are some strange places, in the building and application of titanium heat exchanger therefore, the heat exchanger has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial products category, become very competitive in the heat exchanger family in my state from 1960s began production of plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger until now in many areas of our country are obtained and application of titanium titanium alloy is widely metal materials a recent promising, titanium heat exchanger production with corrosion resistance A good, high heat transfer efficiency, appearance smooth without furring layer, proportion of small, high strength, volume and quality of equipment small features, which are widely used in aviation, space research and development, marine engineering, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceutical and healthcare, food processing, spectrograph instrument category.

Titanium plate heat exchanger