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Lord Fin Tube--Tube for Heat Exchanger 600Pcs


ASTM A179/ASME SA179 Tube for Heat Exchanger



MAT : A179,Q 19.05 BWG 014 6100 Long









No. OF Lenghts: 600



OD(MM) : 19.05



WT(MM): 2.110



WALL: Minium



Lengths: 6100





QTY: 600 PCS

The heat exchanger tube is one of the components of the heat exchanger, which is placed in the cylinder for the exchange of heat between the two media. It has high thermal conductivity and good isotherm. It is a device that can transfer heat from one point to another quickly, and has almost no heat loss. So it is called a heat transfer superconductor. Its thermal conductivity is thousands of times that of copper.


In addition to smooth tubes, heat exchangers can also use a variety of enhanced heat transfer tubes, such as finned tubes, threaded tubes, spirally grooved tubes, etc. The fins of finned tube should be arranged on the side of low heat transfer coefficient when the difference of heat transfer coefficient between the two sides of tube diameter is large.