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Lord Fin Tube-Utility Boiler Economizer,Sulfuric Acid Plant Economizer

Economizers are used to recover the useful heat in exhaust or flue gas before it is released into the atmosphere and transfer it to the steam production cycle. This increases the overall boiler thermal efficiency, resulting in more steam with less fuel. Boiler efficiency increases by approximately 1% for every 40°F the flue gas is cooled. It is widely accepted in the industry that economizers provide a good return on investment and also help reduce carbon emissions.

Utility Boiler Economizer

TS produces economizers for utility boilers, which includes boilers fueled by coal, wood, oil, or other solid fuels to produce electricty from the boilers high pressure steam.

These economizers are usually located in the back pass of the boiler and oriented with the tubes running horizontally.  The boiler feedwater runs through the economizer circuits in the opposite direction of the gas flow (called counterflow).

Bare tubes are typically utilized in order to minimize ash fouling, but some boiler OEMs design their economizers with finned tubes, either spiral or long finned. TS can produce economizer elements with either bare, spiral finned, or long finned tubes, and if you prefer, re-design your unit to one of the other tube-types. TS can also fabricate replacement headers for all utility boiler economizers.

Pulverized Coal (PC) Fired Boiler

Product Features

1、With excellent performance on load adjustment and combustion management, satisfying the variation range of coal property from low-quality bitumite to lignite;

2、Adopting the new composite multi-function & low-Nox horizontal bias burner;

3、With excellent stable combustion performance at low load;

4、Effectively preventing coking, high temperature corrosion and assuring the full combustion of pulverized coal;

5、Effectively improves reliability of boiler parts and operation availability.

Sulfuric Acid Plant Economizer

TS has been designing and manufacturing economizers for sulfuric acid plants since 1993 and has the necessary experience not only to design them, but to fabricate them with the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Plant operators want and depend on reliable equipment and TS strives to provide the best in the industry. Because TS constantly fabricates tubular boiler equipment for the power and petrochemical industries, our ASME-certified pressure part welders are held to a higher standard of performance, and that workmanship goes into all of our products because we dont know any other way.

The units are currently in operation at the largest phosphates processing plant in the world, and are likely two of the biggest economizer units ever built. The designers of this plant entrusted TS with this critical project.

The main production of coal-fired utility boiler, coal slurry, coal ganue, coal water slurry, blast furnace gas and other fuels. Combustion techniques include pulverized coal combustion, grate combustion, fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed combustion. Through the introduction of absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, starting from a high starting point, we become the main supplier of domestic utility boilers and our products are used throughout the country.

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