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Lord Fin Tube--Waste heat recovery (gas to water)

Waste heat recovery (gas to water)

Heat pipe waste heat recovery device is coal, oil, gas boiler equipment installed at the boiler outletflue, recycling flue gas waste heat for heating living water and boiler water replenishment. Its structure as shown in the diagram: the lower part of chimney, the upper part is water tank, the middle of the separator. At the top are a safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer interface, water out of the water and sewage outfall. At work, the flue gas flows through the heat pipe heat pipe and the lower end of the heat pipe, the heat pipe is heated to the upper end, and the upper end of the heat pipe is heated and the water is heated. In order to prevent ash fouling and corrosion, waste heat recovery device of outlet flue gas temperature control above the dew point, namely fuel, coal-fired boiler exhaust gas temperature higher than 130 DEG C, gas boiler flue gas temperature higher than 100 DEG C, saving fuel 4-18%.