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Lord Fin Tube--1248 pieces of extruded fin tubing

1248 pieces of extruded fin tubing.
5/8” OD x 0.049” thickness seamless 90/10 copper nickel tubing as per B111

7/16” fin high x 0.015” fin thick aluminum extruded fin, FPI – 11. Aluminum purity not less than 99.5% (alloy 1050)

84” finned length, 1.25” bare on each end. 

Manufacturing Process

A smooth core tube is inserted into an aluminum sleeve and then the fins are extruded out of the aluminum sleeve. 

Fins Type: 

The fins are solid plain or serrated into 12,16 or 24 segments or as your design.


General extrusion production capacity General specifications of Extruded Fin Tubes

Extrusion Facility: 14 finning machines.

Daily capacity up to 15,000 meters.

Extruded fins type: solid and serrated.

Tube OD: 50.8mm(2) max.

Tube Length: no limit.

Fin Height: 16 mm max.

Fin Thickness: generally 0.4mm

Fin Pitch: 1.5mm mini

Unfinned Section

Both plain ends with appr. 10mm~50mm and gaps (Unfinned Section) in the middle.

Surface Coating

Both bare ends of Bimetallic Finned Tubes shall be Zinc or Aluminum that metallized applied by an electro spray arc system coating.


Tube Support Box, Clamp or Spacer Box(Materials: Aluminum, Zinc or Stainless Steel).


The common application fileds are:

Heat exchangers units for power plant(electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants);

High corrosive systems (condensers, evaporators, sea water desalinations, fertilizing, urea systems, ammonia, gas, corrosive acids);

The petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries;

The food processing and refrigeration industries;

Natural gas treatment;

Specifications: Extruded Bimetallic Finned Tube is combined with two different materials.