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Corrugated heat exchange tube

The corrugated heat exchange tube is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchange tube that replaces the bare tube. It has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, longer life, no pitting, and low price.

Corrugated heat exchange tube

The stainless steel corrugated tube of the corrugated tube heat exchanger is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion. What is more important is the special internal and external waveforms of the corrugated tube. The turbulent medium constantly washes the inner and outer surfaces of the heat exchange tube, making it difficult to foul. Accumulate on the surface, even if fouling occurs, because the corrugated tube is a flexible element, the curvature of each part of the corrugated tube changes continuously after being affected by the temperature difference during the working process, although the deformation caused by this curvature change is not It is very large, but the linear expansion coefficient of the dirt and the metal corrugated tube is very different, so there will be a large pull-off force between the dirt and the corrugated tube surface, which is enough to make the dirt fall off to realize automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, especially this One point is that the tube and other heat exchangers cannot be compared, the stress distribution is uniform, and the corrosion resistance is strong.


Because the corrugated tube adopts ultra-thin-wall stainless steel material, on the one hand, the service life of the product is increased, and the weight of the product is greatly reduced, and the material is saved. Also, due to the reduction of operation and maintenance costs and the reduction of floor space, The performance-to-price ratio of the product has been greatly improved, and the economic benefits are obvious.