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Heat-pump heat exchanger use finned copper tubes

What types of heat pumps currently use finned copper tubes in their coils?

In air-to-air units, both condensers and evaporators typically use round tube plate fin (RTPF) heat exchanger technology. A HPWH typically uses a RTPF heat exchanger for the evaporator and either a submersed coil inside the water tank or a wound coil on the outside

of the water tank as condenser. The condenser provides the heat to the water.


Which heat-pump heat exchanger applications use finned copper tubes?

• Residential HP for space heating and cooling

• Residential HPWHs

• Commercial HPWHs, if the demand is not too high (e.g., less than eight gallons per hour).

• HP with eco-friendly refrigerants

• HP with natural or chemical-free refrigerants

• HP with phase-change materials