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Lord Fin Tube-Finned tube with flange

The finned tube with flange is the main heat dissipation device used in the heating system in the current workshop. The large-diameter steel pipe is used to increase the capacity of the heat medium inside the radiator, expand the volume of the radiator, increase the heat dissipation area of the radiator, and improve the heat dissipation. Improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the radiator and improve the heat dissipation effect of the radiator. The high-frequency welded finned tube radiator in the workshop is welded by high-frequency welding. The front end is connected to the heat source equipment. Through the input of the heat transfer medium, the medium changes from a lower temperature refrigerant to a higher temperature heat medium. In the steel pipe, the heat is used to increase the indoor temperature through the flow, circulation and the excellent thermal conductivity of the steel pipe itself.

Finned tube with flangeFinned tube with flange easier to make connection for the pipe ends. Vegetable, flower greenhouse special finned tube radiator circular wing hot-dip galvanized radiator is specially designed for greenhouse and so on.

Special radiator designed for large indoor heating. This product has large heat dissipation area, light weight and small floor area, Beautiful appearance, easy installation, uniform heat dissipation, easy to adjust temperature, can be arranged at any position in the room according to the needs Column combination, single pipe connection or multi pipe parallel connection for heating. The length of a single radiator tube is usually 6 meters, which can also be used.

The length can be selected according to the site conditions, and the connection form is flange or standard thread.

The special fin tube radiator for vegetable and flower greenhouses is made of high quality carbon steel, It has high pressure resistance, good toughness and is not easy to break. After welding the flange, the inside and outside of the pipe are heated Galvanized surface treatment improves the overall corrosion resistance of the radiator, and its service life can reach more than 20 years

At present, greenhouse is one of the most commonly used finned tube with flange radiators.