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Why use H type finned tube in boiler economizer?

This artical introduces and analyzes the outstanding feature of H - type finned tube used in boiler economizer, which is good resistance to ash deposition and wear resistance. The high-efficiency H-type finned tube is installed on the tail flue of the boiler, which has good economy and practicability, and can greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler economizer; Therefore, it is widely used in economizers of large coal - fired industrial boilers At the same time, the application effect of H-type finned tube economizer in waste heat recovery equipment is introduced through an engineering example, and the calculation formula of heat transfer and resistance of H-type finned tube is given.
H-finned tube economizerH-type Fin Tube (fins, ribs) heat recovery unit (also known as economizer).
H-finned tube economizer technology is the use of H-finned tube (also known as H-fin tube, double finned tubes, butterfly-tube) assembled into a highly efficient heat exchanger economizer.
1. Structure: The basic form is "H" type and double "H" type, in-line arrangement.
2, performance characteristics.
1) Type H finned tube economizer economizer economizer tubes instead of light, you can increase the heat transfer area, reducing the number of tubes are arranged so as to increase the flue gas flow cross-section, so that the smoke reduce speed and reduce wear and tear. Since the wear rate and flue gas pipe power is proportional to the flow rate of 3.33, so if the flue gas velocity is reduced from 9m / s to 7m / s, the wear rate will be reduced to the original 43%. Meanwhile experiments show finned tube itself has to make the fly ash to the tube middle row centralized role, so the use of finned tube economizer has a role to reduce the wear and tear on the structure.
2) H-type finned tube double pipe can be produced "double H" type fin tube, rigidity of its structure, and can be applied to a longer tube row occasions.
3) H-type finned tube economizer-line layout, H fin the space into several smaller areas, there are flow effect of airflow, greatly reducing the wear
4) H type fins on both sides due to the formation of a straight channel, it can obtain the best effect sootblowers.
5) compact space, greatly reduced the overall weight, lower cost
6) Energy saving, low power consumption: for the economizer generator sets, at least two-thirds of the generator can reduce heat losses per ton of steam consumes only 2 ~ 4kW 7) operation and maintenance is simple; saving labor: Province Coal is the overall assembly factory, fewer moving parts, simple structure, easy to install. High level of automation, simple operation and maintenance, can reduce the operating personnel.
3, H-finned tube economizer parameters. Steam pressure: 0.5 ~ 4.0 MPa steam forms: saturated steam / superheated steam.
4, H-finned tube economizer cycle mode, natural circulation / forced circulation.
5, H-finned tube economizer adaptation range. Adapted to the power range of 600kW ~ 15000kW various types of generating units and a temperature greater than 300 ℃ for various waste heat resources.