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HFW Serrated Finned Tube, High Frequency Welded Serrated Fin Pipe

For Helical serrated finned tube, the serrated fin is a metal strip that has been serrated or cut and then helically wound around the base tube. Others are same as high frequency welded solid fin pipes.


What is HFW serrated finned tube?

HFW Serrated Finned Tubes short for high frequency welded helical spiral serrated finned tube. HFW Serrated Finned Tubes is a spiral spiral finned tube formed by welding the base tube and the steel strip on the tube surface together with high frequency welding technique, However the fin strip is serrated before welding. The High Frequency Welded Serrated Fin Tube is one kind of tubular type efficient heat transfer element having serrated fins.

The difference below welded solid finned tube and welded serrated finned tube?

1. Helical serrated finned tube, the serrated fin is a steel strip that has been serrated or cut, then helically wound and weld around the base tube. Others are same as high frequency welded solid finned pipes.

2. Serrated finned tubes can achrive more tight fin pitch.

3. Serrated finned tubes have greater disturbing effect on the gas outside the tube than the solid finned tube, which increases the gas flow speed, makes the gas flow effectively in the turbulent state, and effectively enhances the heat transfer effect. 

4. In the case of large gas pressure drop, generally the serrated finned tube can effectively achieve the desired effect. 

5. This structure is often used in boiler economizers and flue gas waste heat recovery equipment.

HFW Serrated Finned Tube Size and Material:

Tube O.D.:

16 to 273 (mm)

3/8” to 10”(NPS)

Tube Wall Thk.:

2 to 28.6 (mm)

0.08” to 1.1”

Tube Length:

≤28,000 (mm)

≤92 ft

Fin Thk.:

0.5 to 3.5 (mm)

0.02” to 0.14”

Fin Height:

8 to 35 (mm)

0.31” to 1.3”

Fin Pitch:

3 to 333 FPM

1 to 8 FPI

Fin Type:

Solid, “U”or“V” Serrated

Fin Material:

C.S. (most common grade: 08F, SPCC)

S.S. (most common grade are AISI 304, 316, 409, 410, 321,347 )

Tube Material:

C.S. (most common grade: A106 Gr.B, A210, A192)

S.S. (most common grade are TP304, 316, 321, 347 )

A.S.(most common grade are T/P5,9,11,22,91 )

Duplex Steel(most common grade are 2205 etc. )

* This table is used as a general guide to our capabilities, please call us for any other customized cases.

How to fabricate the HFW serrated finned tube?

The steel fin is helically wound and continuously welded to the tube by high frequency electric resistance welding(HFERW). Before the fin strip is serving to the welding machine, it will be serrated first, the rest of process is as same as welding the solid fin tubes.

HFW serrated finned tube advantages:

1. Under the same heat transfer medium environment, Serrated fins greatly increase the contact probability of high-temperature flue gas and fins compared with solid fin

2. Correspondingly improve the heat transfer effect of fins, with an average heat transfer coefficient of 5-13 percentage points higher. 

3. Due to the serrated of fins, the flow area of flue gas and wind tunnel effect are increased, the pressure difference on both sides of fins is reduced, and the resistance of open fin tubes is about 20% lower, which improves the heat transfer efficiency.

4. Improve the function of preventing ash deposition.

The important features of this configuration are efficient, effective bond of fin to tube under all conditions of temperature and pressure, and ability to withstand high fin side temperatures. This serrated fin configuration is even better to withstand the fin fouling if that is a problem in the application. This gives better heat transfer properties compared to solid fins

HFW serrated finned tube usages:

HFW Serrated finned tubes mainly used in the field of heat exchanger. Its structure is that a number of triangular openings are evenly opened at the outer circle of the fins, and the fins are continuous rectangles, so that the gas between the fins can flow and disturb each other

In order to forward you a promt offer we would be pleased to receive you detailed enquiry including:

• Base tube material 

• Base tube size (OD x WT x Length)

• Fin material

• Fin type

• Fin diameter or height

• Fin thickness

• Fins per inch, meter or fin pitch

• Lenght of plain, unfinned ends

• Finned Tube Quantity

(Additional fabrication, such as bend or weld the tubes into tubeplate or assembly)

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HFW Serrated Finned Tube,Helical serrated finned tube

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