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Lord Fin Tube-Integral Rolling Single Metal High Finned Tube

The Integral rolling single metal high finned tube is a kind of annular finned tube formed by cold extrusion on the metal base tube for heat and cold exchange, also known as heat exchange tube or heat exchange tube. Traditional finned tubes are wound up or connected by expanding tubes, so that fins and tubes are closely fitted for heat and cold exchange.

1. Finned Tube Seismic comparison

The single metal integrally rolled finned tube is a whole of the fin and the tube, so its seismic resistance is very strong. It will not be loosened and invalidated due to the vibration of the equipment during operation. The traditional finned tube, because it is not integral, will have unpredictable problems due to the vibration of the equipment operation. Even the heat exchanger is completely invalid.

2. Finned Tube contrast of thermal expansion and cold contraction

Single metal finned tubes work in cold and hot environment, and they will not be separated from the tubes because of thermal expansion and contraction. Because they are rolled as a whole, the fins and the tubes are as a whole, so there is no need to worry about them. Because the traditional finned tube is not a whole, because the coefficient of expansion and contraction is different between the base tube and the fin in the cold and hot environment. After a long period of work, there will be a gap between the tube and the fin, forming a thermal resistance, which can seriously make the heat exchanger invalid and cause significant economic losses.

3. Finned Tube economic comparison

Because of the above two defects in traditional finned tubes, designers have to consider the consequences of these two defects in the design. Therefore, great heat exchange allowance, even 20% to 30%, will be taken into account in the design, resulting in a huge volume of heat exchangers, and it is not known whether it has been achieved in the manufacturing process. Design requirements, in the process of operation do not know when the above two defects will cause the failure of heat exchangers, and because of the huge volume, material use, a lot of waste of resources, such as waste of sites, increased transport costs, increased manual production, operation due to large equipment, power consumption. The cost of maintenance and repair is also increasing. Because of the improvement of manufacturing technology, the Integral rolling single metal high finned tube overcomes the above shortcomings, so it greatly saves raw materials and operation, and the cost of production is obvious.

High Finned Tube

Our company has also continued to carry out technological research and development, and successfully developed copper and nickel alloy fin tubes with fin tube coil and single fin up to 10 mm height, which are outstanding in our countrys industry.

Application scope of integral rolling single metal high finned tube

Applications include iron and steel industry, petrochemical industry, power plants, commercial boilers, large-scale machinery and equipment, automobiles, ships, solar heating systems, civil heating systems, solar water heaters and other industries related to heat exchange.

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