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High frequency welded finned tube overview

Overview of high frequency welded finned tube
The high frequency welding of finned tube is to heat the outer surface of steel strip and steel tube by using the skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency current while the steel strip is winding the steel tube, until the plastic state or melting, and complete the welding under a certain pressure of winding the steel strip. Compared with inlaying, brazing (or integral hot-dip galvanizing) and other methods, this kind of solid-phase welding is better in terms of product quality (high welding rate of fins, up to 95%), productivity and automation. High frequency welding finned tube uses high frequency current, while winding and welding, the base tube and fin are basically integrated, and the welding rate is an important index to judge the quality of finned tube.
High frequency welded finned tube is suitable for high temperature and high pressure. The base tube is made of stainless steel or ND steel. When the cooling temperature is above the dew point, it is clear that there is no condensate generated in the working environment. Ordinary carbon steel can also be used as the base tube. The thickness of high frequency welded fin is usually more than 0.8. Due to the limitation of processing technology, the height of fin should be less than the radius of base tube. If it is necessary to make high fin, it can be made into open tooth fin. Now it is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement and petrochemical industry. High frequency welded finned tube is a new type, wear-resistant and high-efficiency heat exchange material, which is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange element. It adopts the national patent technology, uses the high-frequency welding production process, takes the high-frequency power supply as the heat source, and fuses the steel strip and steel pipe into one at the same time. It has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, large heat dissipation area, long service life, wide temperature range High pressure bearing. The production process is that the strip steel with thickness of 0.8-1 mm is wound on the finned tube, and the high frequency welding is adopted to ensure the joint strength between the tube and the fin. The metal thermal strength has reached 1.10-1.20 w / kg ℃.
Advantages of high frequency welded finned tube
1. The installation is simple and economical. The length of high frequency welded spiral finned tube can reach 6 meters, which reduces the connection points, makes the installation economical and fast, and reduces the probability of water leakage at the connection.
2. It is easy to maintain. After the installation of high frequency welded spiral finned tube, there is no need for maintenance.
3. High efficiency, high frequency welding spiral finned tube for fins and steel pipe winding full contact welding, heat dissipation area is more than 8 times the smooth tube, the internal smooth, the internal flow resistance is small.
4. Long service life, high mechanical strength of fin and pipe, tensile strength of more than 200MPa, all inside and outside the pipe are hot-dip galvanized.
High frequency welded finned tube weldable fin material:
carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.
Application of high frequency welded finned tube
High frequency welded finned tube is a kind of high efficiency heat transfer element. Its heat transfer area is several times to dozens of times that of bare tube, which can strengthen heat transfer, reduce flow resistance and metal consumption, so as to improve the economy and operation reliability of heat exchange equipment