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Technical requirements for finned tube

Technical requirements for finned tube:

1. Material: 20 #, standard: GB / t8163-2008 seamless steel pipe.

2. Material: Q235B, thickness: 2.0 mm.

3. The fin spacing is 50 mm, the fin outer diameter is 96, and the straightness is 3 m or less than 4 mm.

4. The fin and seamless tube are welded by high frequency resistance welding with a penetration of 0.2-0.3mm.

5. Groove both ends of the finned tube, and the angle and type of groove are shown in the figure.

6. The processing, manufacturing and acceptance of this part are in accordance with SH / t3415-2005.

7. Splicing is not allowed. The unmarked dimensional tolerance of machined surface shall be in accordance with the accuracy of grade m in GB / T1804 General tolerances - Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without tolerance indication.

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