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Lord Fin Tube-Membrane boiler economizer

Membrane boiler economizer is similar to finned tube economizer. Membrane economizer is a continuous flat steel diaphragm welded between two straight sections of smooth tube. The thickness of flat steel diaphragm is 2-3 mm. The heat transfer effect of diaphragm economizer is better than that of smooth tube economizer. Under the same heat transfer conditions, the former has less metal content, low cost, light wear and reliable operation, and is easier to blow ash than fin economizer.

From the point of view of the structure of the economizer of the membrane boiler, the tube exhaust of the economizer divides the whole flue into a series of small longitudinal flue gas passages, which objectively plays the role of equalizing the flue gas velocity field, thus eliminating or improving the phenomenon of local wear caused by excessive local flue gas velocity; on the other hand, due to the good bypass effect of the diaphragm, ash is contained. The flue gas forms a flow state in the small flue gas passage of the membrane tube exhaust, which makes the large ash particles in the flue gas tend to be in the middle, and the very small ash particles flow near the heating surface. That is to say, when the large fly ash particles flow in the membrane economizer, there will be a neutralization effect.

Membrane boiler economizer

Membrane boiler economizer has been paid more and more attention because of its good wear resistance. In many power plants, light tube economizer has been replaced by membrane economizer. Membrane economizer is different from smooth tube economizer in manufacturing. In addition to meeting the standard of smooth tube economizer, it should have higher requirements. Its diaphragm tube must be parallel to reduce the residual application of blade welding. When welding, there must be a certificate without undercut, float welding, gas hole, slag inclusion and so on. The rigidity and elasticity compensation ability of the tube row of the membrane economizer is lower than that of the light tube economizer. Therefore, it is difficult to install the weld joint in the group coupler, which requires that the tube row has higher quality; prevents the deformation in the installation, lifting and transportation; locates the standard tube row and lays out the outline size of the components and the separation between the tube row tightness. The adjustment is even, the arrangement of the tube row should have enough expansion clearance, so as to ensure the flue gas design flow rate, eliminate the flue gas corridor, reduce the wear and tear of the economizer after transformation, and improve the service life of the economizer.

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