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Lord Fin Tube-Stainless steel cooler

Stainless steel tube gas coolers are typically used for corrosion enviroment or have requirment for cooling gases cleanliness, the material mainly use 301; 304; 321; 316 and so on.
When a stainless steel cooler tube medium is water, it should pay attention to the content of chloride ions in water, stainless steel resistant to chlorine ion etching, so the media can best after dechlorination. Stainless steel coolers wound fins extend outside the contact area with the gas pipe, to eliminate the difference in coefficient of heat transfer tube inside and outside; appearance, compact, efficient heat transfer can be achieved in a smaller space.
The stainless steel condenser is a device that transfers part of the heat to the cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger. Widely used in the chemical, petroleum, power and atomic energy industries. Its main function is to ensure that the process of the medium required for a specific temperature, but also to improve energy efficiency of one of the main equipment.

The stainless steel condenser is a separate device, such as a heater, a cooler, and a condenser. It is also part of a process, such as a heat exchanger in an ammonia converter. Due to the limitation of manufacturing process and scientific level, the early heat exchanger (condenser) can only be constructed with simple structure, small heat transfer area, large volume and bulky, such as snake tube heat exchanger. With the development of manufacturing technology, and gradually formed a tube shell heat exchanger, it not only has large heat transfer area per unit volume, and the heat transfer effect is also good for a long time in industrial production as a typical exchangeheat.

Stainless Steel Cooler
Its high heat transfer efficiency, compact, lightweight, strong, etc., have been widely used in hydraulic equipment, power machinery, engineering machinery, transport machinery in the field of air separation, petrochemical, refrigeration and air conditioning, railway locomotives and power equipment.
Stainless steel cooler advantage
(1) high cooling capacity, low air consumption (and other brands comparison)
(2) the same air consumption, cooler
(3) stainless steel, aluminum, two materials
(4) a wide range of cooling (600-5600BTUH, 176-1641 watts)
(6) The thermostat kit can be used to control the cabinet temperature
(7) applies to a narrow area of ​​the device cooling plant
(8) applies to a lot of dust and high temperature region
(9) No moving parts, maintenance-free
(10) No electricity, no radio frequency / electromagnetic interference, without the use of Freon
(11) does not require a fan or filter
(12) to extend the expensive control system life
(13) muffler for quiet operation