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Lord Fin Tube-Why can boiler economizer save coal?

Why can boiler economizer save coal?

It is reported that the heat loss of exhaust gas is the biggest one of the heat loss of the boiler, generally about 5%~12%, accounting for 60%~70% of the heat loss of the boiler. The main factor affecting the heat loss of flue gas is the temperature of flue gas. Generally, the heat loss of flue gas increases by 0.6%~1% with the increase of the temperature of flue gas by 10 C, and the corresponding coal consumption increases by 1.2%~2.4%.

The new economizer manufactured by our company uses H-type finned tube as heating body, its side length is about twice that of light tube. The boiler fittings expand the heating surface, at the same time, the finned tube adopts flash resistance welding technology, which has good heat conduction performance. The traditional economizer generally guarantees that the flue gas temperature can be reduced by 30 - 35 C. The exhaust gas temperature of the new economizer can be lowered to 120 C, and the temperature drop can be as high as 100 C. Taking a 10-ton boiler as an example, after adding finned tube economizer, the flue gas exhaust temperature drops from 210 C to below 150 C, and the boiler efficiency increases by 5%. It saves 1.44 tons of coal per day and nearly 300,000 yuan per year.

It is reported that there are 500,000 industrial boilers in our country with a total capacity of 1.8 million steam tons per hour. For every 1% increase in the thermal efficiency of the boilers, 11 million tons of standard coal can be saved and more than 40 million tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced. The economic and environmental benefits of popularizing and applying the new economizer are remarkable.

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