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Lord Fin Tube--Copper finned tubes

Copper finned tubes

Copper finned tubes refers to the group of high-quality copper pipe is through a dedicated winding machine, the high-quality copper belt tightly wound evenly on the outer surface of the base pipe, then the whole lining of tin. Around the chip brass copper finned tubes, the working temperature: -10 ℃ - + 160 ℃ Vacuum furnace heat exchanger: The copper Lintong brass brazing process of finned tubes, tube sheet welding a rate of 100%, non-contact thermal resistance, fin folds small, heat capacity, operating temperature 550 ℃,

L-finned tubes, using the belt winding process and composite pipe closely together to increase the heat transfer area outside of the tube to improve heat transfer efficiency, high production efficiency, films from uniform, wings of the ratio, the base pipe can get care benefits from air erosion