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Flue Gas Cooler 

Flue gas cooler production for the boiler condenser, also known as flue gas condenser, boiler using flue gas condenser, which can effectively save production costs, reduce the boiler exhaust gas temperature, improve boiler thermal efficiency. So that the operation of the boiler in line with national energy-saving emission reduction standards.
    "Boiler energy-saving technical supervision and management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as "procedures") in December 1, 2010 began. And put the boiler exhaust gas temperature should not be higher than 170 ℃, energy-saving gas boiler thermal efficiency of 88% or more, not to achieve energy efficiency indicators of the boiler can not apply for registration.
     In the traditional boiler, the fuel burns in the boiler, the exhaust gas temperature is relatively high, the flue gas in the steam is still in the gaseous, will take away a lot of heat in all kinds of fossil fuels, the highest hydrogen content of natural gas, hydrogen Of the mass percentage of about 20% to 25%, so the smoke contains a lot of water vapor, it is estimated that burning 1 square meters of natural gas to produce steam to take away the heat of paper 4000KJ, about its high calorific value More than 10%.
    Flue gas cooler waste heat recovery device, the use of low temperature water or air cooling flue gas to achieve the flue gas temperature, close to the heat transfer area, the flue gas steam condensation, while the realization of flue gas heat release and water vapor condensation Latent heat release, and heat exchanger within the water or air heat and was heated to achieve heat recovery, improve the boiler thermal efficiency.
     Boiler thermal efficiency: 1NM3 days of gas combustion production theory of flue gas is about 10.3NM3 (about 12.5KG). Excess air coefficient of 1.05, for example, produce flue gas 14NM3 (about 16.6KG). Flue gas temperature of 200 degrees Celsius reduced to 70 degrees Celsius, the release of physical sensible heat about 1600KJ, water vapor condensation rate of 50%, release latent heat of about 1850KJ, total heat 3450KJ, about 10% of natural gas low heat, if take 80% of the flue gas into the heat recovery device, Can improve the utilization of thermal energy more than 8%, saving nearly 10% of natural gas fuel.
    Flue gas cooler split layout, installation in various forms, flexible and reliable.
Flue gas cooler is usually finned tube as the main heat exchanger components, high heat transfer efficiency, adequate heating surface, the smoke side of the system is small, to meet the requirements of the burner.

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