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Lord Fin Tube--Integral Finned Tube

Integral fin tube

Integral Finned Tube

Integral fin tube has the following six advantage:
1, the integral fin tube can expand the heat exchange effect (area and heat transfer coefficient). In the same circumstances: (to the base tube base tube for 32X4 as an example, fin height 12, 1 meters away from the 12 wing) is equivalent to 4 meters or 2.6 meters light tube membrane structure (spacing 62X3, flat steel 30X3) or 1.5 meters flat winding welding finned tube (12X3 steel).
2, integral fin tube wear. Has the following six advantages: to extend the integral fin tube heat transfer effect 1, integral fin tube (area and heat transfer coefficients) So the wear resistance. And usually light tube in the radial direction about 30 degrees, the end of the elbow, the side of the wall pipe and other parts of the serious wear and tear.
3, the overall shape of the fin tube stiffness greatly strengthened. The inertia moment of the integral fin tube is 4.76 times of the corresponding light tube. (moment of inertia 35168mm2, diameter of 32X4 and fin tube inertia 167613mm2) support spacing is 2.71M light tube (3.55m tube, fin tube old) 5.28 m (6.91m old tube), if in the calculation of the wall temperature reached 460 degrees near, the support spacing will be reduced, so some users have higher coal for a few rows of tubes on the two support break off phenomenon. The occurrence of this phenomenon is the fracture system. And material and no problem.
4, integral fin tube is not integrated. The ash is caused by the reason of Carmen eddy: flue gas flows through a pipe, negative pressure area is formed, in the back of the tubes in this area, flue gas flow rate is zero or even return on the accumulation of flue gas, ash is attached on the surface of the pipe. Ash thermal resistance is relatively large, ash piled thick, thermal resistance is more and more big, the heat transfer is less and less, smoke temperature, boiler efficiency is also decreased. The finned tube on flue gas diversion overcomes Carmen eddy, also combed the ash distribution, the uniform distribution in the flue gas. Since Hualu-Hengsheng group since the operation is not the ash (no blowing facilities), West Jiaotong University to do the experiment report also confirmed this point.
5, heat transfer performance stability. As a heating surface, the boiler exhaust gas temperature fluctuation has little change in the years (not blowing ash) operation, and the phenomenon of the tube explosion is not a province.
6, long service life. Under the same operating condition (coal quality, temperature, heating surface position), the fin tube is 2 times longer than that of the light tube. Under normal circumstances, the light pipe life of 3~4 years, the fin tube life of at least 7~8 years.
Three roller skew rolling integral finned tube

three roller skew rolling spiral finned tube overall production principle is: In light pipe lining a mandrel, the rotation drive roller blades, seamless steel pipe through the groove and the core composition head bore on its outer surface machining the fins. This method of production out of the finned tubes because the base pipe with external fins is an organic whole, and thus the thermal contact resistance loss problem does not exist with a higher heat transfer efficiency. three roller cross rolling method compared with welding method, the production line with high efficiency, low consumption of raw materials, and the production of finned tube heat rate and so on.
Currently three roller cross rolling the whole spiral fin tube technology has been successfully applied to the fin copper, aluminum or composite single finned tube finned tubes, low-finned tube or steel; steel integral finned tube current more common in the market is low finned tube, the overall high-finned tube its material is aluminum, copper, etc., are generally cold roll forming.

three roller skew rolling integral finned tube
three roller skew rolling integral finned tube