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Lord Fin Tube-Nickel-Based Brazed Fin Tubes

Stainless steel finned tube: Using nickel-based brazing technology, the welding rate of the tube is 100%, the contact thermal resistance is close to zero, and the working temperature is 800 C. It can work in the environment of high temperature, high flow rate and corrosive medium.

L-type double L-type aluminium winding machine: Professional manufacture of domestic advanced numerical control L-type fin-tube winding machine, through digital control to keep the fin binding force in the best state, can process various specifications of industrial radiator bimetal L-type double L-type fin tube, base tube diameter: 16-38 mm, Zui large piece height of 25 mm, fin distance of 1.8 mm-10 mm, speed 700 rpm/min. .

Vacuum furnace heat exchanger: copper tube copper sheet phosphorus copper brazing fin tube, the welding rate of the fin is 100%, no contact thermal resistance, fin fold small, uniform fin spacing, working temperature more than 600 C, has the advantage of long-term work at the high-level wall temperature without loosening.

Nickel-based brazed finned pipes and heat pipes: the welding rate of base pipes and fins is 100%, without contact thermal resistance; the welding position is smooth, the alloy penetration layer is uniform and dense, and there is no possibility of peeling or peeling; the surface hardness is about four times that of ordinary steel pipes, which is resistant to high-temperature and low-temperature dew point corrosion, erosion and wear, ash deposition and scaling. Work in a corrosive atmosphere containing acid, alkali and salt for a long time.

Elliptical Finned Tube: With strong winding technology, the spacing is stable, the joint of the segments is firm, and the surface can be galvanized according to different application occasions.

Technical Services: Provide heat pipe manufacturing technology and heat exchanger design, phosphor-copper brazing fin tube manufacturing technology, nickel-based brazing fin tube manufacturing technology.

Main Products: Nickel-based brazed fin tubes, phosphorus-copper brazed fin tubes, stainless steel fin tubes, elliptical fin tubes, embedded fin tubes, L-type double L-type fin tubes, high frequency welding fin tubes, gravity heat pipes and aluminium winding machine; air heater, closed evaporative air cooler, SRZ radiator, SRL radiator, GL radiator, vacuum furnace Cooler, heat pipe air preheater, heat pipe economizer, boiler economizer bundle

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