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Lord Fin Tube--Protein drying heat exchanger

Protein drying heat exchanger

Protein, starch, instant noodles drying heater (SRL, SRZ, radiator) composed of steel aluminum finned tube.

Large radiating area, high heating efficiency, small wind resistance measurement, and can provide technical design of fin heat pipe using non-standard winding process to tape and pipe close together, in order to increase the tube the outside heat transfer area, improve the efficiency of heat transfer, fin tube: stainless steel finned tube, fin tube, L type finned tube, nickel based brazing fin tube, high frequency welding finned tube L type, double L type finned tube: temperature 230, low cost, good vibration resistance, stable distance, pipe can be protected, mainly used for protein powder, starch, milk powder, maltodextrin, vegetable, food, papermaking, pharmaceutical, dyeing, washing and transformer I, leather, textile, ceramics, plastics, power, refrigeration, grain and oil, petroleum, chemical industry in the industrial and civil air cooler air heater and radiator.