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Lord Fin Tube--Spiral finned tube

Spiral finned tube has been widely used in boiler economizers, air preheater and waste heat boiler heat recovery and chemical, pressure vessels and other areas of the heat transfer equipment. The capacity of the unit used in the boiler is also small to large, the application is increasing. At present, there are a number of professional manufacturers can produce high-frequency welding, brazing spiral finned tube, and finned tube production equipment and technology from the introduction, digestion, absorption to the development of its own design, manufacturing, quality has reached foreign advanced standards Claim.

Advantages of finned tube:
1) effective space to increase the heat transfer area, improve the heat transfer effect.
2) to reduce the space occupied by the heat transfer, so that the volume is reduced, especially for fast installed boilers.
3) reduce equipment costs, improve equipment safety.
4) The operating cost is reduced due to the lowering of the water side pressure drop.
5) fin tube stiffness increases, improve the seismic capacity of the tube and so on.
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