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Lord Fin Tube-High Frequency Welding of Spiral Finned Tube

We are professional finned tube manufacturer in China, Specializing in the production of finned tube, finned tube heat exchanger, high-frequency welding spiral finned tube, heat pipe heat exchanger manufacturers.
The companys technical strength is solid, the production management staff is skilled, hired Wuxi area high-frequency welding fin control work experienced managers and local operators as the backbone of production technology, to solve high-frequency welding of difficult fin tubes (alloy steel and stainless steel and other materials).
Our staff have produced large quantities of high frequency welded fin tubes for boilers, waste heat boiler flues, and coal saving of field rotary fin tubes in boiler air filters for Shanghai Boiler Plant, Harbin Boiler Plant, Dongfang Boiler Plant, Wuhan Boiler Plant and Harbin 703 Research Institute of Shipping Corporation.
The company has 18 m span, 60 m long and 7 m high workshop with three spans. The plant uses terrazzo floor, which is clean and bright. It is a model factory area in the same industry.
Welded Spiral Finned Tube 
The company uses domestic excellent 200 kW High Frequency equipment, welding mechanisms are all developed with excellent technology, with strong conductivity, full power play, high welding rate and fast welding speed and other advantages.
The company has the capacity of producing 20 tons of finned tubes daily, and can fully meet the needs of mass production of customers.

Our company has the ability to design and manufacture all kinds of heat pipe heat exchangers, hot blast stoves and finned tube economizer.

Finned tube material and typ

Weldable fins: carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.
Weldable fins: solid and Serrated.
High frequency welding of spiral finned tube is to use skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency current to heat the outer surface of steel strip and tube until plastic state or melting, and to complete welding under certain pressure of winding steel strip. This high frequency welding is actually a solid phase welding. Compared with mosaic, brazing (or whole hot dip galvanizing) and other methods, it is superior in product quality (high bonding rate of fins, up to 95%), productivity and automation.
High frequency welding (high-frequency welding) is based on solid resistance heat. During welding, the resistance heat generated by high frequency current in the workpiece is used to heat the surface of the workpieces welding zone to a melting or near plastic state, and then the forging force is applied (or not applied) and the real metal is combined. Therefore, it is a solid-phase resistance welding method. High frequency welding can be divided into contact high frequency welding and induction high frequency welding according to the way that high frequency current generates heat in the workpiece. When contacting high frequency welding, the high frequency current is transmitted to the workpiece through mechanical contact with the workpiece. In induction high frequency welding, the high frequency current generates the induction current in the workpiece through the coupling effect of the induction coil outside the workpiece. High frequency welding is a professional and strong welding method, and it should be equipped with special equipment according to the product. High productivity and welding speed up to 30m/min. It is mainly used for welding longitudinal joints or spiral joints in pipes.
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