Lord Fin Tube--CORTEN-A (09CuPCrNi-A) Corten Steel Tube

Corten Steel TubeCORTEN-A (09CuPCrNi-A) Corten Steel

CORTEN-A full name of atmospheric corrosion resistant hot strip mill, also known as Corten weathering steel resistant to atmospheric corrosion
Chemical composition and mechanical properties: C≤0.12% Si: 0.25% ~ 0.75% Mn: 0.2% ~ 0.5% P: 0.07% ~ 0.15% S≤0.04% Cu: 0.25% ~ 0.55% Cr0.30% ~ 1.25% Ni≤0.65% yield point of not less than 343 MPa tensile strength of not less than 480 MPa Elongation not less than 22%
Widely used in container plant chimneys Railway Engineering outdoor steel (and as large outdoor sculpture curtain wall with weathering steel steel (i.e. atmospheric corrosion resistant steel) is between ordinary steel and stainless steel between cheap low-alloy steel series. And then into the modern metallurgy new mechanism, new technology and new process to be sustainable development and innovation, is a world super steel edge of technology level series of steel, one of. Weathering steel by plain carbon steel to add a small amount of copper, nickel and other corrosion element, with high-quality steel toughness, plastic delay, molding, welding, corrosion, high temperature, fatigue and other characteristics; weather resistance of plain carbon steel 8 times, coating for plain carbon steel 1.5 ~ 10 times, reducing the use of thin, bare or simplifying coating using. The steel with rust resistant, make component corrosion life extension and thinning saving, the characteristics of energy saving, causes the component manufacturing, users benefit Material has COR-TEN COR-TEN-A Q345GNHL Q355GNH 09CuPCrNi-A
CortenB/corten-B cortenA/corten-A cold rolling 05CuPCrNi
The welding performance of the test board is excellent, and it is required to use the special welding rod for welding.
Weathering steel is simple and easy to use, can be painted, but also without the use of protective layer exposed, which simplifies the production process. Due to the exemption of the existing pickling, tropical galvanizing and other processes, reduce production costs, while not using paint can eliminate VOC (organic volatile) volatile, more conducive to recycling, for environmental protection benefit. Because of weathering steel corrosion resistance depends on the overall structure of materials, and therefore does not like the surface treatment of steel for surface protection layer dependent and bump on the outside, impact so sensitive.
Resistance to rot steel surface coated with protective paint, paint life can reach twice the ordinary carbon steel, when the local paint damage, resistance to corrosion of steel is not as ordinary carbon steel rust, the protection paint failure
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