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Lord Fin Tube--Brazed plate heat exchanger, brazed copper fin tube

copper fin tubeThe advantages of vacuum furnace heat exchanger: using copper - copper phosphorus brazing fin tube, with welding rate is high, no thermal contact resistance, small fin folds, fin spacing uniform, in the temperature of the wall of the executives work for a long time does not loose. And for the domestic vacuum furnace production enterprises. L type, double L type finned tube: rolling formation of trapezoidal cross section and the heat flux density distribution of size consistency, in saving material based on, greatly improving the thermal efficiency, stops on fin tube for segment clearance can not be eliminated caused by the thermal contact resistance.

Air heater: L type finned tube as the main heat exchange element radiator its production is the automatic numerical control special equipment will be closely wound on the outer wall of the aluminum tube, the use of efficient thermal conductivity of aluminum, so that the heat quickly and evenly delivered to the air.
Nickel based brazing inner fin tube (two-way fin tube): the tube outside the use of strong winding fin tube, the tube with a longitudinal straight rib, the tube fin ratio of up to 4-6, tube to heat coefficient larger than 3-4 times, inside and outside the fin using a nickel based brazing process, welding with a rate of 100%.
Elliptical fin tube: the strength of the winding process, stable pitch, the segment is firmly combined, according to different applications can be galvanized surface and nickel base brazing.
Stainless steel finned tube: using nickel base brazing technology of fin and base tube welded together, segment welding rate of 100%, the contact thermal resistance is close to zero, working temperature of 600 degrees Celsius, can work under high temperature, high velocity and corrosive medium erosion. Finned tube, winding tube special equipment: professional manufacturing the most advanced CNC L type winding finned tube machine, through the digital control to segment binding force is kept in the best condition, processing a variety of industrial radiator with steel aluminum composite, aluminum composite L type finned tube, double L type finned tube, base pipe diameter: 16-38mm, 1.8 mm - 12 mm away from the largest 20 mm high, speed of 700 rpm. Technical service: to provide heat pipe manufacturing technology and pipe manufacturing technology, nickel base brazing fin pipe manufacturing technology, nickel base brazing fin tube manufacturing technology (bidirectional finned tube), mesh belt brazing furnace heat exchanger design, phosphor copper brazing fin heat exchanger.

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