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Lord Fin Tube--The advantages of the H type fin tube

H type fin tube

The advantages of the H type fin tube
1, Excellent wear performance
Economizer wear: wear is mainly ash particles impact and cutting action of the tube, the tube around 30 ° to the horizontal portion of the wear of the most powerful, S1 / d = S2 / d = z, the mean amount of wear here 3 times; staggered arrangement due to the air flow direction change, the second row wear most powerful, S1 / d = S2 / d = z when the second row is the first row 2 times the amount of wear after wear and tear than the rows first row generally 30% -40%; in-line arrangement of the first row and staggered arrangement of the first row of the same, due to the subsequent row airflow pipe wear less than a lesser impact. Under other conditions are the same in-line tube bundle maximum wear staggered bundles less than 3-4 times; tube wear rate and flue gas velocity is proportional KV3.33 inequality coefficient, and fly ash is directly proportional to the concentration of inequality coefficient Ku .
H-fin tube economizer-line arrangement, H-type vertical fin and tube (unlike spiral fin tube has a certain angle), the space is divided into several smaller areas, there are flow effect of airflow, and using staggered arrangement of the light pipe economizer, economizer spiral fin vertical fin Economizer compared to other conditions under the same circumstances, is 3-4 times higher wear life.
2, fouling reduction
H type fins without fouling fin has a good pitch, fouling formation occurs at the tube surface and the windward side facing away. Staggered tube arrangement easily washed tube back less fouling. For in-line arrangement of the tube, since the air flow is not easy to scour the back of the tube, the tube fouling columns in terms of in-line arrangement than wrong.
H type fins Because fins welded on both sides of the tube easy to fouling, and the airflow straight flow, air flow direction does not change, Fin hard fouling.
H type fins intermediate gap left 4-10㎜ bootable by blowing fin tube fouling.
spiral helix angle piece due fins direct airflow changes direction, fin-tube fouling more serious, form loose for economizer not fouling, and can not be used. On-site operation and practice: H-fin tube without fouling, and fouling serious spiral sink fins. Figure.
longitudinal fins welded pipe due to the fin fouling the windward side and the back, due to the flow of air along the fins flow, air flow to change direction of the swirl tube. Easy to form part of the regional fouling.
H type fins on both sides due to the formation of a straight channel, it can obtain the best effect sootblowers.
3, the space is compact, the smoke exhaust temperature is reduced significantly.
Extended heating surface H-fin tube economizer can be designed according to the need for flexibility in the effective space of the boiler can be designed more heating surface, and even more dramatically reduced exhaust gas temperature; or, in certain exhaust temperature drop Under the premise of the economizer more compact design.
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