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Laser welded finned tubes manufacturers

Laser welded finned tube manufacturer is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. In recent years, laser welded finned tube manufacturers have introduced foreign advanced technology and developed high-efficient and energy-saving laser welded finned tubes, which can be wound into cylindrical finned tubes, discoid finned tubes and other shapes according to the requirements of customers. Founded in the early 1990s, the manufacturer of laser welded finned tubes is a professional manufacturer of various heat exchange equipment.

Laser welded finned tubesThe greater the temperature difference required for laser welded finned tube to transfer unit heat, the greater its thermal resistance, which is equal to the reciprocal of the heat transfer coefficient. The larger the heat transfer coefficient of laser welded finned tube is, the smaller its thermal resistance is. On the contrary, the smaller the heat transfer coefficient is, the greater its thermal resistance is. The heat transfer coefficient on the air side is less than that on the water side, so the thermal resistance on the air side is greater than that on the water side, which becomes the main thermal resistance affecting heat transfer, making the air side the bottleneck of the heat transfer process and limiting the improvement of heat transfer.

The purpose of laser welding of finned tubes is to reduce the thermal resistance at the air side and overcome the bottleneck effect at the air side. In the design of heat exchanger, finned tube manufacturers may take many measures. The choice is to add fins on the outer surface of the air side, that is, use finned tubes. Laser welding of finned tubes has greatly expanded the original heat transfer area at the air side, made up for the low heat transfer coefficient at the air side, and greatly improved the heat transfer.

The finned tubes of laser welded finned tubes that exchange heat with air during operation can be divided into bimetal composite rolled finned tubes, integrally rolled aluminum finned tubes, stainless steel laser welded finned tubes, spiral wound finned tubes, L-shaped finned tubes and plate finned tubes according to their manufacturing process.

The laser welded finned tube factory has a staff team with excellent technology, initiative, good summary and learning, and advanced equipment.

Laser welded finned tubes manufacturers