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Supply of E-1110 fintubes and ferrules

Supply of E-1110 tubes and ferrules

Quality Requirements and inspection test plan

The supplier to confirm that, they understood the following requirements of quality control and assurance:

➢ ASME/ASTM Specification /standard requirement results shall be clearly mentioned in respective MTC.

➢ Material Test Certificates (MTC) shall be as per EN 10204 3.2.(The supplier to mention in the technical offer clearly the certificate which will be provided)

➢ MTC shall contain the results of: Chemical Composition, Heat treatment confirmation as per the latest applicable standard, Intergranular corrosion test results for stainless steel tubes type 309HCb, 310HCb, 310HCbN, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, 348 & 348H materials. Measurement of Average grain size for Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger Tubes & all H Grade Austenitic Stainless-Steel tubes and wherever applicable as per ATSM specification.

➢ Mechanical Properties: Tensile test• Flattening Test • Flare / Flange Test • Reverse flattening test where applicable• Expansion Test • Hardness Test.

➢ Eddy current examination for 100% tubes.

➢ Hydrostatic test for 100% tubes.

➢ In case of manufacturing the Tubes against the OQ approved drawing, formal ITP shall be prepared by the manufacturer and OQ approval shall be obtained prior resume the manufacturing.

➢ If the supply is from the stock, the respective MTC shall meet the specification/material guidance requirements and then the Hydro test and Eddy current test for 100% tubes shall be performed in presence of OQ.

➢ Supplier to follow the attached ITP and whenever there is any conflict between attached QAP and above listed quality requirements, shall be highlighted.

➢ New drawing for ferrules and tubes shall be generated by supplier for OQ review and approval for approval.

➢ Supplier shall consider the tolerances of tubes and ferrules which mentioned in “SAP Code - 20119044 -Ferrule drawing”

➢ At factory testing: 100% of ferrules shall be inserted in tubes ( 0.4 mm maximum gap between tubes inner & ferrules outer diameters ) and to be witnessed by OQ

and hold point in the QAP.