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Lord Fin Tube-Welded aluminum fin tube

How long can welded aluminum finned tube be used?

The fin suit machine is used to make mechanical suit fins. Because the fin is pressed by mechanical impact force or liquid pressure, the pressure is high, allowing for a lot of interference. The binding strength between fins and tubes is strong and difficult to loosen. 

Welded aluminum fin tube

The machines productivity is high, but the noise is loud, the safety is poor, and the workers working conditions are deplorable. Although the hydraulic transmission does not have the aforementioned issues, the equipment cost is higher, the technical requirements for maintenance personnel are higher, and its productivity is lower.

The flue gas guide of welded aluminum fin tube overcomes the Carmen eddy current and combs the distribution of ash in flue gas to make it evenly distributed Heat transfer performance that is consistent. Welded aluminum fin tube has stable heat transfer performance. The temperature fluctuation of boiler exhaust gas as a heating surface has little change in many years of operation (no soot blowing), and there is no tube explosion of economizer. Service life is extended. The guaranteed life of welded aluminum fin tube is more than twice that of smooth tube under the same operating conditions (coal quality, temperature, heating surface position). In general, smooth tube has a service life of 3-4 years and welded aluminum fin tube has a service life of at least 7-8 years.

Although high frequency welding fins have a low contact thermal resistance, their area is limited and their heat transfer is poor. As a result, the overall thermal efficiency of the welded aluminum fin tube is low. Except for a few special cases, it is rarely used in general. As a result, applying a high frequency welded aluminum fin tube heat exchanger to an air cooler is not recommended.

welded aluminum fin tube