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Lord Fin Tube-Finned Tube Type L -Foot with Turbulators

Turbulators are devices addressed to increase efficiency and performances of heat exchangers, also an ideal device to efficiently optimize the heat transfer. It is formed by different metallic wire, such as carbon steel, stainless steel.

Turbulators are inserted into heat exchanger tubing to increase the turbulent flow through a tube, effectively increasing heat exchange rates and abilities.

Finned Tube Type L -Foot with Turbulators Tube Material: SB-111 C12200 Heat Exchanger Tube OD 15.875mm ; Thickness 1.24mm 

Finned Tube Type L -Foot 0ext. 34.9mm ; Thk 0.45 ; Density 9 Fins X Inch ; Sb-1100 Turbulators Width 12.2mm ; Thk 1 Mm ; 5 Rev./M. ; SB-1100, finned tube with Turbulators  Qty: 407 pieces

Tube Ø= 25,4mm., t=2,108mm.; SA-179; L=11582mm; Qty= 3955units.

High-finned;   Type: Embedded; 433,1fin/meter; Fin height=15,875mm.; t=0,45mm.; Aluminum 1100-Annealed.

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