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Lord Fin Tube-Plate finned tubes

Plate finned tubes are used in many diverse applications, each having their own unique challenges. Plate or helical style of fin, as well as various tube patterns, allow our coils to easily adapt and meet such challenges.

Plate Fins - Each fin is cut from a sheet of flat material, and then punched in a specific pattern that accommodates all the coil tubes. This is similar to stacked sheets of ring binder notebook paper. Over 20 different combinations of tube sizes and center patterns are available.

Plate Fins


Low air friction Easy to clean/traps less dirt

Easy to apply coatings Tubes interlocked together

Better vibration/tube sag strength Wide fin spacing

Handle ice/frost build-up Tight fin-to-tube bond

Allows surface enhancements for increased thermal performance Hydrostatic leak test each tube (standard)

Plate fins are also available with optional surface enhancements.


Corrugated Wave Pattern

Sine Wave Pattern

These create different air flow patterns, boosting the coils ability to transfer heat. But they also create more air resistance. So the coil design has to balance its size, fin density, and fin enhancement to an acceptable air friction that the fan or system can accommodate.

These coil fin styles and enhancements are available on our basic coil product lines.  They are also offered on many custom/specialized coils, depending on the tube size and materials required.  All coils are pneumatically or hydraulically tested and are available with an ASME “UM” or “U” stamp when required.

With our experience and expertise we can design a coil ideal for your application.  We  can provide coils with round pipe headers or box tube headers with serviceable cores.  We offer copper, carbon steel, and stainless tubes, fins and header materials, as well some exotic alloys.  Common applications we service are:  high and low pressure, oil coolers, aftercooler, intercooler, hydraulics, blowers, compressors, engines, water/glycol, condensers, evaporators, closed loop systems, and many more.

Plate finned tubes consist of an inner base tubeand fin in a shape of square or rectangular plate. The fin is welded either by electric resistance or by electric arc in protective atmosphere onto the base tube.

There can be either single finned pipe or double finned pipe execution.

Plate Fin Tube

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