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Lord Fin Tube-Finned Tube manufacturer

High frequency welding finned tube: the company has 6 automatic production lines of high frequency resistance welding spiral finned tube, with the annual output of 2000 tons of carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel spiral finned tube production capacity, the products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power industry. The products meet the requirements of Hg / t3181 "high frequency resistance welding spiral finned tubes" and JB / t6512 "technical conditions for manufacturing high frequency resistance welded spiral finned tubes for boilers".

L-type and double-l-type finned tube: the domestic advanced numerical control L-type finned tube machine is used to keep the bonding force of the tube in a good state through digital control. The trapezoidal cross-section formed by rolling is consistent with the distribution of heat flow density. On the basis of saving materials, the thermal efficiency is greatly improved, and the contact thermal resistance caused by the fin gap of the series finned tube can not be eliminated.

KLM finned tube: the base tube is knurled outside, and then rolled twice at the root of L-shaped aluminum fin to strengthen the contact between the tubes. The contact area increases by about 50%, the contact thermal resistance is small, and the heat transfer performance is high. It can withstand repeated cold and thermal cycles without loosening.

Bimetallic rolling finned tube (E-type finned tube): special equipment is used to roll fin on aluminum tube. The contact pressure of the tube piece is large, which is 4 times of that of the wound tube. The allowable medium temperature can reach 350 ℃. It has strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion and heat shock.

Embedded finned tube (G-type finned tube): it adopts the advanced production equipment of McElroy company in the United States, with advanced slotting and embedding technology, stable fin spacing, firm embedding, pull-out force not less than 70N, medium allowable temperature up to 400 ℃, strong temperature resistance and heat shock resistance, widely used in petrochemical air cooler.

Brazed finned tube with nickel base layer: the bonding rate of base tube and fin is 100%, without contact thermal resistance; the welding position is smooth, and the nickel layer is uniform, dense and high hardness, and there is no possibility of peeling or falling off; it is resistant to high temperature and low temperature dew point corrosion, erosion and wear resistance, and is not easy to deposit ash and scale. It can be used for a long time in corrosive atmosphere containing acid, alkali and salt.

Heat pipe: it is a kind of superconducting heat transfer element. It adopts nickel base brazed finned tube to transfer heat through the phase change of heat conducting medium in the closed tube. After strict inner wall passivation and vacuum production process, the product has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, good isothermal performance, wear resistance, low ash deposition and long service life. It is widely used in petrochemical, textile, boiler and kiln waste heat recovery.

Finned Tube manufacturerElliptical winding finned tube: it is a patented product independently developed by the company. It adopts strong winding process, stable fin spacing and firm connection between tubes. According to different applications, surface galvanizing and nickel base brazing can be carried out. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and low wind side resistance. Compared with the same cross-section of circular tubes, the heat transfer coefficient can be increased by 25%, and the air resistance can be reduced by 15-25%.

Rectangular elliptical hot-dip galvanized finned tube: it adopts high-speed stamping hot-dip galvanizing technology with stable fin spacing, uniform zinc layer and tight connection between tube and sheet. It can be widely used in air cooler, air heater and air heater of power station.

Outer longitudinal finned tube: high frequency welding process is adopted. The U-shaped fin and steel pipe are welded firmly, the fin distribution is uniform, and there is no contact thermal resistance. The fin ratio can reach more than 10. It is especially suitable for the working conditions of shell and tube heat exchanger in petrochemical industry with high viscosity of shell side medium and low flow rate.

Stainless steel finned tube: adopting nickel base brazing or high frequency welding technology, the welding rate of the tube piece is 100%, the contact thermal resistance is close to zero, and the working temperature is 800 ℃. It can work in the environment of high temperature, high flow rate and corrosive medium.