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What is H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer?

What is low-temperature economizer?

A low-temperature economizer is a device that recovers waste heat from flue gases in industrial processes or power generation facilities, which is then used to preheat feedwater or other process fluids. It works by transferring the heat from the flue gases to a colder fluid stream, such as water or air, before the flue gases exit to the atmosphere.

The low-temperature economizer is typically used in processes that operate at temperatures below 400°C, where the waste heat is at a lower temperature and cannot be effectively recovered by other means. It can also help reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes by lowering the amount of fuel needed to generate steam or heat.

By using a low-temperature economizer, significant energy savings can be achieved, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. This can lead to cost savings and environmental benefits, making the low-temperature economizer an attractive option for many industrial applications.

What is H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer?

An H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer is a type of heat exchanger used in industrial processes to recover waste heat and increase energy efficiency.

The economizer is typically installed in the exhaust gas stream of a combustion process, such as in a boiler or furnace. The H-type finned tube design is characterized by a series of rectangular fins attached to the outer surface of the heat exchange tubes, which increase the surface area available for heat transfer and enhance the heat transfer rate.

The low-temperature aspect of the economizer refers to its ability to operate at relatively low temperatures, typically between 150-250 degrees Celsius. This allows it to capture waste heat that would otherwise be lost to the environment.

The recovered heat can then be used to preheat the feedwater entering the boiler, reducing the energy required to bring the water to its operating temperature. This results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and operating costs for the industrial process.

Overall, the H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer is an effective and efficient means of recovering waste heat and improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes.

H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer

H-type finned tube low-temperature economizer

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