Lord Fin Tube-T-Type Finned Tube

T-type finned tube is a kind of high-efficiency boiling heat transfer equipment, which fills a blank of boiling heat transfer equipment in China. It has been listed in the national key new product plan of the ninth five year plan by the State Science and Technology Commission. It uses a T-shaped finned tube formed by non cutting rolling process instead of ordinary smooth tube to make the liquid boiling in the spiral channel of T-shaped finned tube. In the process of boiling, due to the rapid circulation of vapor and liquid inside and outside the spiral channel, high-efficiency liquid film evaporation is formed in the channel, which greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient and prevents scaling in the process of high-speed circulation. Compared with ordinary smooth tube reboiler, T-type finned tube reboiler not only has higher heat transfer efficiency, but also has the advantages of low wall temperature, high critical heat load, stable operation and large elasticity. It has achieved remarkable economic benefits after being applied in petrochemical industry and other fields.

The heat transfer efficiency of T-type finned tube is more than 3 times higher than that of smooth tube, and the heat transfer area is saved by more than 30%. In 1993, the product passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by Shandong science and Technology Committee, filling a gap of boiling heat transfer equipment in China, and its technical level is advanced in China.

T-type finned tube material: 10 ℃, stainless steel, 08Cr2AlMo scope of application: suitable for petrochemical, energy and other industrial fields, shell side boiling heat transfer conditions. It is not suitable for the medium with solid dust and easy coking in the shell.

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